Thinx empowers women — and it’s great marketing

Menstruation, a biological necessity for a woman’s healthy reproductive system, has been a taboo, leading to women using unsanitary menstrual products or even girls dropping out schools.

“We have learned to stay silent and to cope, but it is absolutely crazy that in this day of innovation, the industry has not evolved in over 50 years.”

Miki Agrawal, the co-founder of Thinx

In the 21st century, when women still have to use uncomfortable pads, Thinx comes as the long-awaited rescuer, simultaneously empowering women with its powerful branding and offering equal opportunities.

Thinx produces period underwear designed to absorb menstrual…

A woman’s body is never entirely her own.

Since making her first extraordinary appearance in the music industry, Adele has become our inspiring queen. “Her voice is one of the few voices that we’ve got worldwide where she’s got that huge range that is incredible,” said CeCe Sammy. Her songs make us want to sing and dance. She has created a unique way of creative performance. We feel each tone in her songs. Adele’s voice “is once-in-a-lifetime” in the words of Jennifer Lawrence.

But, the mainstream media often ignored her talent and focused on her weight instead. The discourse surrounding Adele was always about her physical appearance.


What you consume may harm the planet, and here are the ways to prevent it.

The Global Change of Our Diet Choices

“Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude — as far as is possible and practicable — all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose” according to The Vegan Society’s definition.

Animal cruelty and health reasons have led people to choose vegan lifestyles since consuming less meat and dairy has a significant impact on climate change. The Veganuary campaign that asks people to eat a vegan diet for January since 2014 hit record highs in 2021 with over 582,000 participants. …

The deeper we dive into our subconscious, the more perverse we become.

I’ve recently found myself in a dark cave. Distasteful, ugly, dump, but promising. I looked for ways to get out of it. I began carving on its walls only to create a storyline out of my words. If writing is the only way to exit this cage, I’ll write, I murmured. Then and there, I recognized another person feeding on my bones, limbs, and soul. She needed to speak for who she was. Who was I then?

Although each of us has different motives for waking up to create stories regardless of the language we use, we share a common…

Hardly a day goes without white men’s uncalled opinions about women

I recently came across a thread on Twitter about solo female travelers’ concerns in countries that the media calls ‘dangerous.’

There were two points in the discussion:

1- Some badass solo female travelers can visit everywhere they like.

2- Some countries are dangerous, especially for women. Misogyny, rape, and femicide are real phenomenons.

While both points have their rationales, the thread became a gantline between two men’s hands.

It is the usual plague of our world. We’ll never get rid of men’s audacity to talk about women’s experiences.

What we know as gender is a social construct. Apart from biological…

Rosamund Pike’s psychotic characters gain a feminist approach to the femme fatale representations.

“There are two types of people in this world,” comes Rosamund Pike’s avaricious character to the scene of I Care a Lot:

The people who take and those getting took. Predators and prey. Lions and lambs. My name is Marla Grayson, and I’m not a lamb. I am a fucking lioness.”

The close-up of her marble-like cold face and sharp blonde haircut reminds us of the Hitchcockian psychotic gaze. The ferocity of her appearance merges with her red dress, and the scene takes us seven years back to Gone Girl where she cold-heartedly stabbed Neil P. …

Buse Umur

M.A. Student, Writer, Human Being

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