A Scary Tech Product Never Felt So Human — Thanks to Apple’s Copywriting

Apple releases its mixed-reality headset in the most emotional way possible

Buse Umur
5 min readJun 8, 2023
Apple’s Vision Pro

Steve Jobs had a vision for Apple — to create deep connections with customers. He wanted the product to empathize with humanity. He aimed for people to feel an emotional bond and genuine love for the product, even before utilizing it.

And boy, did he succeed. Billions of people felt excitement and awe when Apple released its newborn baby: Vision Pro — a mixed-reality headset.

It’s the most innovative product we’ve ever seen. The groundbreaking technology pushes the boundaries of human imagination. The idea is scary and threatening to our reality.

But still, we’ve never felt so related to a tech product before. How does Apple manage that every time?

With the power of words.

Let’s see how Apple nailed the art of copywriting. Once again.

#1: Be fluent in human emotions

No human relates to your brand because they’re impressed with your product.

Every human falls in love with your brand because they connect with you emotionally.



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