Dear Addison,

I’d firstly like to thank your time for reading my article and leaving your opinions.

I might have understood your points and supported you along the way to call me “post-modernist bullshit,” if I had taken on the perspective that reflects me as a ‘stereotypical, ignorant, and arrogant millennial.’ However, I take pride in my education that makes me question all the societal issues (that have brought us here, today), and refrains me from the generalizations.

I apologize if I offended you somehow, but that wasn’t my aim nor intention at all. I wrote about the world that exists within the narrative of Toni Morrison. When I used stereotypical phrases such as “White rage, thing, or ignorance,” they referred either to ‘Beloved’ or to the White supremacy, both of which I have no authority to change because they exist on their own. I was also both careful and uncomfortable in my choice of words, as you can see in one of my last sentences: “In 2020, we still have to distinguish between African Americans and European Americans due to mistreatments and hatred.”

I don’t think white people are the only ones to have slaves throughout history, and I don’t mean it. Yet, my article, which I composed in the wake of George Floyd’s death, is precisely about that injustice unfolding on the planet just as Morrison beautifully narrated. As a person suffering from the world’s gross generalizations, I can never hurt an individual by pushing her/him into the artificial narratives.

As grateful as I’m for your comment, I have to say that my article isn’t about “pure indoctrination,” “twist of reality,” or “big bad oppressive world narrative.” It is about the disgrace, ignorance, hatred, and intolerance to which we all contribute with our unpleasant words.

My apologies if we couldn’t meet on the same page, and I made you feel demoralized. I think now we’re even.

M.A. Student, Writer, Human Being

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