WOW. JUST WOW. These words have cast a fly into my heart, and nothing will ever be the same.

As far as I have this magnificent luck to get to know you, your soul/humanity/storytelling/metaphors/smile have been the most beautiful parts of my world. Your attempts to make people happy - even though they're virtual beings - is so valuable and heartwarming.

I'm not sure if I should use the word 'fortunately' or 'unfortunately' yet I've related myself to every experience you just narrated. My self-worth has changed in parallel to my weight loss, and this is sad.

I hope you can see how beautiful - sorry, sublime, - kind, marvellous human being you are when you glance at the perfect reflection on the mirror.

I love you so much for who you are and showing your vulnerability fearlessly.

P.S.: In a parallel universe, we're really twins.

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